RAN Band Future

The Royal Australian Navy Band is one of the few platforms in which Navy can take its message to the people of Australia. Its musicians reflect the quality of Navy's people and the values for which all members of the Royal Australian Navy aspire. Its strengths are its people, level of expertise, flexibility, and its reputation.

Statement of Intent by the Senior Leadership Group

We will value each other and honour our heritage.

In achieving this we acknowledge that our band has a strong history, enjoys a very good reputation throughout the nation and within Navy, and plays an invaluable role in keeping Navy in the public consciousness. We also acknowledge that the quality of our people along with the depth of expertise within the band and its strong history contribute significantly to the band’s image as an organisation worthy of the confidence of the people with whom it conducts its business.

We will balance the needs and aspirations of each other with the requirements of the Service.

We acknowledge that the band's ability to complete its mission is limited by its financial position. However, we are determined to complete our mission by balancing the needs and aspirations of our people and their competing interests with the requirements of the Service.

We are committed to Navy’s values of honour, honesty, courage, integrity and loyalty.

We will demonstrate that commitment by being truthful, by doing what we know is right regardless of the challenge, by displaying honesty and

Strategic Imperatives

  1. Maintain the band’s commitment to embarking small elements in Major Fleet Units.
  2. Seek opportunities to conduct Benchmark Activities.
  3. Ensure whole of team tours for the permanent detachments.
  4. Seek opportunity for wider contribution within our maritime environment in support of Navy’s regional engagement activities.
  5. Ensure that correct governance procedures are in place and secure.
  6. Seek opportunities to provide music support to the deployed forces of Australia’s Defence Force.