RAN Band Values


Members of the Royal Australian Navy Band:

  • recognise the investment given them by the Australian people and the Navy;
  • strive to exceed the expectations of the people with whom they do business;
  • recognise that teamwork is imperative to the band's success and support the unique role of the individual within the team; and
  • are committed to ensuring that their workplace remains free of discrimination and is one which allows equal opportunity for all members.


The Royal Australian Navy Band culture reflects Navy's values of honour, honesty, courage, integrity and loyalty. Honour is the fundamental value on which the reputation of the Navy depends. To demonstrate honour demands honesty, courage, integrity and loyalty and to consistently behave in a way that is becoming and worthwhile. Honesty is always being truthful, knowing and doing what is right for the Navy and ourselves. Courage is the strength of character to do what is right in the face of personal adversity, danger or threat. Integrity is the display of truth, honesty and fairness that gains respect and trust from others. Loyalty is being committed to each other and to our duty of service to Australia. These are the values that make us honourable people.


The Royal Australian Navy Band aspires to be an organisation with a worldwide reputation for excellence staffed by a professional team of highly motivated people, delivering quality services to Navy, and serving Australia with honour.


The Royal Australian Navy Band's mission is 'to promote the Royal Australian Navy', and its success is underpinned by a guiding philosophy that all members are given equal opportunity to develop their professional and military skills in an environment that recognises and fosters team and individual achievement.