Previous Chiefs of Navy

The following list chronologically records those who have held the post of Chief of Navy.

List of Previous Chiefs of Navy

VADM Tim Barrett
(2014 - 2018)

Vice Admiral Tim Barrett

Vice Admiral Tim Barrett, AO, CSC, RAN joined the Royal Australian Navy in 1976 as a Seaman Officer and later specialised in aviation. A dual-qualified officer, Vice Admiral Barrett served in Her...

VADM Ray Griggs
(2011 - 2014)

Vice Admiral Ray Griggs

Vice Admiral Griggs was born in Homebush NSW in 1961. He joined the Adelaide Port Division of the Royal Australian Navy Reserve in 1978 as a radio operator and entered the Royal Australian Naval...

VADM Russ Crane
(2008 - 2011)

Vice Admiral Russell Harry Crane

Russell Harry 'Russ' Crane was born in Southport, Queensland on 11 June 1954 and began his naval career as a Junior Recruit at HMAS Leeuwin in 1970, training as an Electrical Mechanic in aircraft...

VADM Russ Shalders
(2005 - 2008)

Vice Admiral Russell Edward Shalders

Russell Edward (Russ) Shalders joined the Royal Australian Naval College at Jervis Bay from Victoria in 1967. After sea training he undertook Operations and Weapons courses in the United Kingdom. On...

VADM Christopher Angus Ritchie
(2002 - 2005)

Vice Admiral Christopher Angus Ritchie

Christopher 'Chris' Angus Ritchie was born in East Melbourne, Victoria on 16 January 1949. Chris Ritchie graduated from the RAN College at Jervis Bay in 1968. He received further training at sea and...