Westland Sea King Mk 50

Westland Sea King Mk 50
Carrier-borne Anti-submarine/Search and Rescue/Utility Helicopter
Westland Aircraft Ltd, Yeovil, Somerset, UK
Number Ordered
12 (10 Mk 50, 2 Mk 50A)
First Delivered
Last Delivered
22.15 metres
5.13 metres
Weights 6201 kilograms
Dimensions Wing span: 18.9 metres (rotor)
Speed 230 kph
925 kilometres
Engines Two 1500 shp Rolls Royce Gnome H 1400 shaft turbine engines
  • Initial rate of climb: 3000 ft/min
  • Ceiling: 14,700 feet
May be fitted with door mounted Mag 58 machine gun, 4 x Mk44 or Mk 45 torpedoes (external) in ASW configuration

For some 35 years the Sea King was the workhorse of the RAN's fleet. It was a large and very versatile helicopter with the ability to pick up loads heavier than a Land Rover. The aircraft could operate day and night, in good weather and bad, at low level over the sea and over land.

The roles of the Sea King were:

  • Delivery of people and provisions between ships and between ship and shore.
  • Search and rescue missions.
  • Detection and reporting of hostile shipping.
  • Army support when the Army moves from ship to shore.
  • Disaster relief and aid to the civil community.
Westland Sea King Mk 50