Commander William Thomas Alldis Moran


Commander William Thomas Alldis Moran RAN, was born at Kalgoorlie, WA in 1903. He entered the RAN College in 1917. On graduation in 1921 he specialised as a torpedo Officer and joined HMAS Brisbane (I). He was promoted to Midshipman in 1921, Sub Lieutenant in 1923 and Lieutenant in 1925.

He served in the battleships HMS Conqueror and HMS Valiant with the Home Fleet and completed his long (T) course in 1929. He was promoted to Commander in 1939 and appointed to the RAN College.

Commander Moran served in HMAS Canberra (I) in 1940 and 1941 and took Command of HMAS Vampire (I) while alongside in Singapore during September 1941. HMAS Vampire was in the destroyer screen for HM Ships Prince of Wales and Repulse when Japanese bombers sank them in December 1941 in the China Sea. Onboard HMAS Vampire, Commander Moran led the night attack on the Japanese invasion fleet at Endue, Malay in January 1942. He was mentioned in dispatches twice in this period.

Commander Moran went down with his ship when Japanese aircraft off Trincomalee, Ceylon, sank HMAS Vampire (I) and the aircraft carrier HMS Hermes on 9 April 1942.