Chief of Navy Challenge Journey Map

Journey Map

Chief of Navy Challenge Journey Map
Chief of Navy Challenge Journey Map

Discussion Facilitator's Guide

The Navy Journey Map helps explain how NGN relates to everything we do, including operations and mission achievement. The journey map depicts what we do; how we do it and why it is important. It contains various aspects of our Navy from ships at sea to training and administrative functions ashore. The journey map also shows the spectrum of our operations, warlike and non-warlike, what drives us to do them and highlights the unified contribution of everyone in Navy to deliver a robust warfighting force.

To mark NGN's fifth anniversary the Chief of Navy issued the following challenge centred on the journey map:

My challenge is a simple one. I challenge you, in divisions or small groups, to discuss the various elements of the journey map.

First, I'd like you to identify what we do as a Navy and why it's important for the nation.

Second, I'd like you to discuss the links between NGN and achieving operational outcomes.

Third, I'd like you to recognise the potential obstacles to success and discuss how you, and your team, can overcome them and contribute to achieving Navy's mission to fight and win at sea.

Discussion Facilitator's Guide (33 KB PDF)

CN Australia Signal - Chief of Navy Challenge Journey Map

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