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1300 DEFENCE (1300 333 362)
is the national telephone number for Defence, available Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm

Contact and referral information for a range of subjects relating to the Royal Australian Navy, the Australian Defence Force and Department of Defence.

Subject Summary

Are you looking to advertise in one of the Royal Australian Navy publications?

Air Force

A list of contacts for matters relating to the Royal Australian Air Force.


A list of contacts for matters relating to the Australian Army.

Australian White Ensign Requests

Requests for permission to use the Australian White Ensign (AWE) for the funeral of a former or current Royal Australian Navy member can be

Ceremonial Support

Would you like to request Royal Australian Navy or Australian Defence Force support for a ceremonial activities such as Anzac Day, Remembrance Day commemorations or participation in public festivals and ceremonies?

Committal of Ashes to the Sea

The families of deceased Australian Defence Force personnel may request to commit the ashes of their family members to the sea, on service land, or to the air.

Complaints of Inappropriate Behaviour

Advice on making a complaint of inappropriate behaviour, either as a Defence member or against a Defence member, is available on the Complaints and Resolution website.

Contacting an Establishment

Are you trying to contact a naval base or establishment? e.g. Recruit School Executive Officer at HMAS Cerberus, the Coxswain's Office at HMAS Harman, the Medical Centre at HMAS Penguin.

Contacting Navy Personnel

Are you trying to contact a relative or friend who is a current member of the Royal Australian Navy? Please note, we are unable to assist in contacting former RAN members.

Copyright and Imagery Use Requests

Information regarding the commercial and non-commercial use of Navy/Defence imagery, copyright and imagery use request form.


A list of contacts for matters relating to the Department of Defence and Australian Defence Force.

Defence Directory

Directory of Australian Defence Force Services and Department of Defence Groups and major functional business areas.

Family Support

A list of contacts and helplines available to current and former Navy members and their families.

Media Enquiries

All initial media enquiries and requests are to be submitted via email to


Official Royal Australian Navy and ship merchandise can be purchased from the Navy Shop online store at

Navy Gap Year Program

Get an exciting 12-month taste of life in the Royal Australian Navy and enjoy full job training, meaningful work and memorable experiences – plus much more.

Navy Museums

Are you planning a visit to one of the Navy's public museums?

Open Days

Event information about upcoming ship and Navy open days.


Are you interested in obtaining information about joining the Royal Australian Navy?


Planning a Royal Australian Navy-related reunion? Send us the details and we'll add it to our online Navy reunions calander.

Sea Power Centre - Australia

Enquiries regarding Royal Australian Navy history and heritage, research and doctrine, and Sea Power Centre - Australia publications.

Service Records

Service records are raised and maintained to assist in the effective management and administration of members both during and after their service.

Ship Disposal

Register your interest in the disposal of major Defence equipment and capability platforms such as decommissioned ships.

Ship Plans

Are you looking for plans of Royal Australian Navy ships?

Social Media

Information on Navy's acceptable use policy and guidelines for Navy's social media presence.

Sport Associations

Contact information for the Navy Sports Council and the various Navy sporting associations.      


Feel free to contact us with feedback regarding the Navy website including any content updates, errors or omissions.

Work Experience

Are you or someone you know interested in undertaking Work Experience with the Royal Australian Navy?