Contacting Navy Personnel

For those who are trying to contact a relative, friend or colleague who is a serving member of the Royal Australian Navy, please use one of the contact methods below.

The Royal Australian Navy regrets that it is unable to assist with contacting former members. Any such requests will not be actioned.



Emergency contact or family support

The National Welfare Coordination Centre (NWCC) provides 24/7 support and information for Defence families including passing urgent information to deployed personnel. Call 1800 801 026. More information is available at




Ships based in Eastern Australian Area

HMAS (ship name)
Australian Defence Forces NSW 2890


Ships based in Western Australian Area

HMAS (ship name)
Australian Defence Forces WA 6958

Further information is available on the Australia Post Mail for defence personnel web page.



Web form

This form is only for contacting serving members. It can not be used for contacting former members. Furthermore, any enquiries not relating to contacting serving members will be deleted upon receipt. Please see the Contact Us page for other types of enquiries.

Due to privacy and security issues, it is the policy of the Australian Defence Organisation not to release contact details of present employees on request. Any submissions for serving members will be forwarded on to that member for consideration.

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