HMAS Maitland
Commanding Officer
Armidale Class
Home Port
Austal Ships, Fremantle
29 September 2006
Dimensions & Displacement
Displacement standard: 300 tonnes (295.3 (uk) t) (330.7 t (short)) (300000 kg)
Length overall: 56.8 m (186.35 ft)
Beam overall: 9.7 m (31.82 ft)
Draught hull: 2.7 m (8.86 ft)
Speed top speed: 25 kt (46.3 km/h) (28.8 mph)
Range standard: 3,000 n miles (5556 km) (3452.3 miles) at 12 kt (22.2 km/h) (13.8 mph)
Crew crew: 21
Machinery 2 MTU 4000 16V diesels; 6,225 hp (4.64 MW); 2 shafts
  • One 25 mm Rafael M242 Bushmaster
  • Two 12.7mm machine guns
Electronic Countermeasures RESM: BAE Systems Prism III; intercept.
Radars Surface search/navigation: Bridgemaster E; E/F/I-band.
Electro-optic Systems Rafael Toplite optronic director.
HMAS Maitland Badge

HMAS Maitland and her 13 sister ACPBs are Navy's principal contribution to the nation's fisheries protection, immigration, customs and drug law enforcement operations. The vessels work hand-in-hand with other Government agencies and each year they provide up to 3000 patrol days as part of the Coastwatch-managed national surveillance effort. In the event of war they would be tasked to control the waters close to the Australian mainland.

Armidale Class Patrol Boats are highly capable and versatile warships which are able to conduct a wide variety of missions and tasks. One of our primary duties is our contribution to the 'Civil Surveillance Program'. Surveillance and Boarding operations conducted by the Royal Australian Navy safeguard Australia's sovereignty and significantly contribute to the security of our nation. Our operations protect against unauthorized entry, breaches of customs, immigration and drugs legislation, other illegal activity and in support of law enforcement, preserve the integrity of our national fish-stocks, our marine environment and other natural resources.

HMAS Maitland has a range of 3000 nautical miles at 12 knots and a maximum speed of about 25 knots. It is equipped with high-definition navigational radar, high and ultra high frequency communications equipment, gyro compasses and echo sounder. Maitland is also fitted with a satellite navigation system that enables the ship's position to be determined with great accuracy.