HMAS Sydney firing a SM2 missile
Commanding Officer
Adelaide Class
  • Undersea Warfare
  • Over the Horizon Targeting
  • Surveillance
  • Boarding Support
  • Search and Rescue (SAR)
  • Utility Operations
FFG 03
Thorough and Ready
Home Port
Todd Pacific Shipyard Corporation, Seattle
26 September 1980
29 January 1983
Dimensions & Displacement
Displacement 4,267 tonnes
Length 138.1 metres
Beam 13.7 metres
Draught 4.5 metres
Speed 29 knots
Range 4,500 nautical miles
Crew 210
  • 2 GE LM 2500 gas turbines
  • 2 auxiliary electric
  • Harpoon Block 2
  • Standard SM-2 Block IIIA
  • Mk 41 VLS launcher
  • 1 x OTO Melara 3 in (76 mm)/62 US Mk 75
  • x 20 mm Mk 15 Vulcan Phalanx anti-missile system
  • 6 x 12.7 mm MGs
  • 2 x Rafael Mini-Typhoon 12.7 mm remote-controlled guns (for selected deployments).
Torpedoes 6 x Mk 32 (2 triple) tubes
Physical Countermeasures
  • 4 x Loral Hycor SRBOC Mk 36 or TERMA SKWS
  • 2 x Rafael long-range chaff rocket launchers
  • LESCUT torpedo countermeasures
Electronic Countermeasures
  • Elbit EA-2118 jammer
  • Rafael C-Pearl
  • Raytheon SPS-49A(V)1
  • ISC Cardion SPS-55
  • Lockheed SPG-60
  • Sperry Mk 92 Mod 12
  • Thales Spherion (TMS 4131)
  • Petrel (TMS 5424) mine avoidance
  • Albatros (TMS 4350) towed-array torpedo warning system
Combat Data Systems ADACS. OE-2 SATCOM; Link 11. Link 16.
Weapon Control Systems
  • Sperry Mk 92 Mod 12 gun and missile control
  • Radamec 2500 optronic director with TV, laser and IR imager
  • 2 x Sikorsky S-70B-2 Seahawks or
  • 1 x Seahawk and 1 x Squirrel
Inherited Battle Honours
Battle Honours
HMAS Sydney (IV) ships badge

HMAS Sydney is one of four guided missile frigates currently in service with the Royal Australian Navy. She has recently been extensively upgraded.

Sydney is a long-range escort with the ability to provide area air defence, anti-submarine and anti-shipping warfare, surveillance, reconnaissance and interdiction. She can counter simultaneous threats from the air, sea surface and under water.

Sydney has deployed to the Middle East four times. On the first occasion she took part in Operation Desert Storm, the action against Iraq during the 1991 Gulf War, for which she earned a Meritorious Unit Citation. She later supported UN sanctions against Iraq in 1991/92 and 1993. Sydney also deployed to East Timor in support of INTERFET in 1999 and in 2000, supported the efforts bring peace to the Solomon Island . Her fourth deployment to the Middle East was during the pinnacle of the Iraq War in 2003 in support of allied forces.

This is the fourth ship to carry this name and she is the proud inheritor of eighth "battle honours", more than any other RAN unit. Notable actions of former ships include the sinking of the German light cruiser SMS Emden by Sydney (I) in World War I. During World War II, Sydney (II) sank the Italian light cruiser Bartolomeo Colleoni, damaged another and shared in the destruction of an Italian destroyer.

On 19 November 1941, Sydney (II) was lost with all hands in battle against the German Raider Kormoran, which was also sunk. This loss of 645 sailors represented over a third of the RAN's casualties during WWII. Sydney (III), a light carrier, operated with distinction in the Korean and Vietnam conflicts.