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05 Mar 2015
Shortly after departing Devonport, the ashes of Mrs Nora Mary White, ex Women's Royal Naval Service (WRNS), were scattered at sea during a flight deck service off the coast of Tasmania.
HMAS Parramatta embarked on an important mission in February - the Anti Ship Missile Defence upgrade.

05 Mar 2015
Royal Australian Navy Chief Petty Officer Zulkarnain Naim, at the final ceremony presentations of the Prince Sultan International Military Al Quran Memorisation Competition, Riyadh Air Base.
The Royal Australian Navy is primed to represent Australia at the next Prince Sultan International Military Quran Memorisation Competition.  

04 Mar 2015
HMAS Sirius's damage control team, conduct fire fighting training at sea, in the West Australian Exercise Area
HMAS Sirius is preparing for another busy year replenishing the Navy's fleet.

04 Mar 2015
Able Seaman Marine Technician Dimitri Garoufalis takes a mark during training for the upcoming AFL 'Father Mac Cup' in the hangar onboard HMAS Canberra.
Not only can HMAS Canberra house over 100 vehicles and 16 helicopters, she is large enough for ship’s company to play AFL in the hangar.

03 Mar 2015
HMAS Anzac personnel man the jackstay line during a light jackstay transfer with HMAS Melbourne.
Residents living on the south coast of New South Wales witnessed their own Fleet Review as crews of HMA Ships Anzac and Melbourne turned it on in order to complete workups before Anzac’s NORTHERN TRIDENT deployment. 

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19 August 2013

To the Editor, In the 19 August 2013 edition of The Cairns Post there was an article entitled “Call to cut sonar near pods”. The article contains a misleading statement which I need to correct. The article quoted Mr Ben Cropp stating, “As the naval...

23 May 2013

Reports about Kurt Mackenzie published in the Courier Mail and the Northern Territory News on 23 May 2013 stated that “Navy is refusing to explain and release a report into the poisoning of a sailor during an exercise off Darwin seven years ago”....

20 March 2013

Andrew Holman Editor The Mercury GPO Box 334 HOBART TAS 7001 Dear Mr Holman On Monday 18 March 2013 the online version of your newspaper published an editorial which related to the article entitled "Incat sailing at full speed" (17 March 2013). I...