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24 Oct 2014
 Able Seaman Communication Information Systems Liam Bromley, Executive Officer HMAS Arunta, Lieutenant Commander Richard Petrie, Mr Wal Bennett, Mr Colin Folan and Ships Warrant Officer HMAS Arunta, Warrant Officer Christopher Rowley.
HMA Ships Arunta and Parramatta visited Melbourne 17-20 October, coinciding with the centenary of the departure of convoys for the First World War from Port Phillip Bay.

24 Oct 2014
Newcastle’s crew competes at Tug-O-War.
HMAS Newcastle’s recent visit to HMAS Stirling was an opportunity for ship's company to discuss the importance of good mental health to maintain the ability to fight and win at sea on a dedicated Mental Health Day.

23 Oct 2014
Able Seaman Clearance Diver (ABCD) Eden Bradshaw (left) and ABCD Rick Coote from Clearance Diving Team One take up defensive positions on the beach at HMAS Waterhen during a demonstration for the Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal.
Clearance Divers demonstrated the discipline and precision required to serve in the Royal Australian Navy on 14 October in a display on Sydney Harbour for the Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal (DFRT).

23 Oct 2014
Members from Navy Headquarters – South Queensland at 'The Tertiary Place' with members from the local support adults with disabilities group.
Navy Headquarters - South Queensland continue to show the people of Brisbane the best of Navy; their latest efforts assisting a local group that supports adults with disabilities.

22 Oct 2014
HMAS Arunta and HMAS Sirius conduct a Replenishment At Sea in the Eastern Australian Exercise Area.
HMAS Sirius is back out at sea doing what she does best, refuelling ships for the first time since February. After an extended period of maintenance, Sirius recently left Sydney bound for the East Australian Exercise Area (EAXA) with more than 12 million litres of fuel and sporting a fresh coat of paint.

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19 August 2013

To the Editor, In the 19 August 2013 edition of The Cairns Post there was an article entitled “Call to cut sonar near pods”. The article contains a misleading statement which I need to correct. The article quoted Mr Ben Cropp stating, “As the naval...

23 May 2013

Reports about Kurt Mackenzie published in the Courier Mail and the Northern Territory News on 23 May 2013 stated that “Navy is refusing to explain and release a report into the poisoning of a sailor during an exercise off Darwin seven years ago”....

20 March 2013

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