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22 Mar 2019
Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Michael Noonan, AO, RAN, speaks with Cairns based officers and sailors during a visit to HMAS Cairns, Qld.
The Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Mike Noonan has paid a visit to Townsville and HMAS Cairns, telling members any impact from a current operational surge will be shared across the Royal Australian Navy.

22 Mar 2019
Royal Australian Air Force officer Commander Joint Task Force 661 Air Commodore Richard Owen, AM, stands on the flag deck of HMAS Success during Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2019.
The INDO-PACIFIC ENDEAVOUR 2019 Fleet is steaming towards South Asia to conduct the first port visit of Australia’s largest ever Defence engagement activity with Sri Lanka.

21 Mar 2019
A team of volunteers from HMAS Moreton stand proudly behind rubbish they picked up from the Bulimba shore front on Clean Up Australia Day.
HMAS Moreton has once again donned protective gloves and high-vis vests to participate in Clean Up Australia Day 2019.

20 Mar 2019
Navy Clearance Divers from HMAS Diamantina prepare to dive while deployed off the coast of Sri Lanka during the search for HMAS Vampire (I).
Despite searching 150 square nautical miles off the coast of Sri Lanka, HMA Ships Leeuwin and Diamantina have been unable to confirm the final resting place of HMAS Vampire (I).

20 Mar 2019
Royal Australian Navy sailor Able Seaman Marine Technician Bryan Kok monitors fuelling operations aboard HMAS Success, during a replenishment at sea operation with HMAS Parramatta during Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2019.
HMAS Success recently conducted the first Replenishment at Sea of Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2019, refuelling all of the units in the Joint Task Force soon after they departed from Western Australia.