Navy News


Navy News is published fortnightly with its basic charter to inform and entertain our sailors wherever they are serving, in ships or on shore, at home or overseas. It also contains advice valuable to serving members and those considering reserve employment.

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These past editions of Navy News have been digitised and placed in the public domain as part of the Sea Power Centre - Australia's digitisation project. The aim of this project is to make historic records and information more readily available to members of the public.

The following links will take you to archived HTML versions of the Navy News hosted on the Defence website via the Internet Archive Project, Wayback Machine. 2006 editions only cover the period January/February to March.

The following link will take you to Defence's Navy News website. Click on the "BROWSE ISSUES" link in the menu along the bottom of the screen and then click the year 2007. Editions only cover the period October to December 2007.

The following links will take you to Defence's Navy News website.

Unfortunately, Navy News editions for April to December 2006 and January to September 2007 are currently not available in any format online. Access to these "missing" editions is beyond the control of the Royal Australian Navy.