Other Publications: 1994

The Navy and National Security: The Peacetime Dimension
The Navy and National Security: The Peacetime Dimension

Dick Sherwood


This monograph looks at the peacetime dimension of the navy’s role in national security policy. While much is written and said about the role of the RAN in the defence of Australia, discussions usually concentrates on the navy’s military function, and the study of its other two functions, policing and diplomacy, has in the Australian context received little academic interest. Yet these are the functions that have preoccupied the navy over the last two or three decades and have the potential to draw on more of its resources in the future.


Published by the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, the Australian National University (ISBN 0 7315 2111 0), as Canberra Papers on Strategy and Defence No. 109, and has been reproduced with their permission. Hard copies can be purchased online.