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Australia’s Maritime Bridge into Asia
Australia’s Maritime Bridge into Asia

Sam Bateman and Dick Sherwood


This volume is the published proceedings of a conference held in Sydney over 17-19 November 1993, hosted in conjunction with CSC Australia. It examines the great potential for Australia to participate in maritime developments in the Asia-Pacific region. It explains how Australia has a number of comparative economic advantages over competitors from Europe and North America in exploiting opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region. It sets out Australia's successes in maritime fields such as ship design, boatbuilding, exploration of offshore oil and gas, information technology, and particular areas of marine science. It shows how Australia is thus well placed to take advantage of the opportunities opening up in 'new' areas such as innovative ship construction, aquaculture, mariculture, marine biotechnology and systems design and software.


Published by Allen and Unwin and out of print.