PACIFIC 1941-45

The South West Pacific area (as defined on 3 April 1942) superseding RAN PACIFIC with the exception of that 1942-1945 awarded by MOD(N) part bounded on the west by the western boundary of the Area, on the north by 7°N, on the east by 108°E and on the south by 7°S.

Ships which gave direct support to the guerilla campaign in Timor; or sank Japanese submarines; or took part in the Borneo operations in 1945; or operated in support of the Australian land forces in the Solomon Islands in 1945; or participated in minor bombardments (unless the battle honour NEW GUINEA 1942-1944 is applicable); or were employed as escorts to convoys (unless the battle honour NEW GUINEA 1942-1944 is applicable), during the period 1 January 1942 to 14 August 1945:

HMA Ships Abraham Crijnssen, Adelaide, Ararat, Armidale, Arunta, Australia, Ballarat, Barcoo, Bathurst, Bendigo, Bingera, Bowen, Broome, Bunbury, Bundaberg, Bungaree, Burdekin, Burnie, Cairns, Canberra, Castlemaine, Cessnock, Colac, Cootamundra, Cowra, Deloraine, Diamantina, Doomba, Dubbo, Echuca, Forceful, Fremantle, Gascoyne, Gawler, Geelong, Geraldton, Gladstone, Glenelg, Goulburn, Gunbar, Gympie, Hawkesbury, Hobart, Inverell, Ipswich, Junee, Kalgoorlie, Kanimbla, Kapunda, Katoomba, Kiama, Kuru, Kybra, Lachlan, Latrobe, Launceston, Lismore, Lithgow, Manoora, Maryborough, Mildura, Ml424, Ml 425, Ml426, Ml427, Ml428, Ml429, Ml430, Ml431, Ml801, Ml802, Ml803, Ml804, Ml805, Ml806, Ml807, Ml808, Ml809, Ml813, Ml814, Ml815, Ml816, Ml817, Ml818, Ml819, Ml820, Ml821, Ml822, Ml823, Moresby, Napier, Nepal, Nizam, Parkes, Perth, Pirie, Quiberon, Quickmatch, Rockhampton, Sea Mist, Shepparton, Shropshire, Stawell, Steady Hour, Strahan, Stuart, Swan, Tamworth, Toowoomba, Townsville, Vendetta, Vigilant, Voyager, Wagga, Wallaroo, Warramunga, Warrego, Warrnambool, Westralia, Whyalla, Wilcannia, Wollongong, Yandra, Yarroma.