2009 King-Hall Naval History Conference Proceedings

The Commonwealth Navies: 100 Years of Cooperation

2009 King-Hall Naval History Conference flyer
2009 King-Hall Naval History Conference flyer
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The sixth biennial King-Hall Conference was held in Canberra on 30-31 July 2009. The conference was organised by the Sea Power Centre - Australia with assistance from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of New South Wales at the Australian Defence Force Academy. The King-Hall Conference has become a significant event in the national and international sea power communities for its wide-ranging discussion of topical naval historical and maritime strategic issues. The conference was open to the public, and the event has attracted a wide range of naval historians, academics and retired and serving military personnel, as well as interested lay people from Australia and overseas.

The theme of the 2009 conference was Commonwealth Navies: 100 Years of Cooperation. In 1909, Australia, with the encouragement of the British Admiralty, decided to acquire a modern ocean-going fleet; one which would not only protect local ports and shipping from enemy incursions but also support the Royal Navy in its determination to retain command of the sea. Other members of the Empire followed, and over the next 100 years the various Commonwealth navies have routinely sailed together in both peace and war and with a remarkable degree of interoperability. Arguably the most successful international grouping of its type, Commonwealth naval cooperation can also be seen as the precursor to more recent intitiatives such as the US Navy’s Maritime Partnership.


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