Navy Leadership Coaching Program

Aim of the Navy Leadership Coaching Program (NLCP)

  • The aim of the NLCP is to assist officers and senior sailors to apply the learning gained in their 3-day Leadership Development (LD) workshop to enhance their leadership effectiveness.
  • The NLCP is one of the initiatives of the Navy Leadership Strategy under NGN.

Aim of the Navy Leadership Development Strategy

  • The aim of the Navy leadership strategy is to create leaders who are self aware and can adapt their style to suit the circumstances, and who balance the needs of both the task and the people.

Program Participation

  • The NLCP is aimed at officers and senior sailors who have completed the Navy’s Leadership Development Workshops, in particular, officers and senior sailors in pivotal positions (e.g. COs, OICs, Career Managers, PQ/Category Managers).

Program Format

  • The NLCP is an accepted duty requirement to be undertaken during working hours at a Defence meeting room.
  • People who volunteer to undertake the NLCP (referred to as participants) are paired one-on-one with a Coach by the NLCP Manager.
  • Coach and participant meet at two to three week intervals, referred to as coaching sessions. The number of coaching sessions is agreed between the Coach and the participant, depending upon what the participant wants out of the coaching. Sessions are about one hour duration and are conducted face-to-face unless the Coach is not based in the same locality as the participant, and then sessions are conducted over the phone (the first session is always face-to-face).

Role of the Coach

  • The role of the Coach is to assist participants to brainstorm strategies to implement their 360 goals from the LD workshop and to be someone to whom Participants can hold themselves accountable for the progress of action.
  • Coaches use an action/reflection process during each coaching session to assist participants to achieve their goals.
  • Different to a mentor or a sports coach, NLCP Coaches do not provide advice or assume to be a subject matter expert; their expertise is their listening and questioning techniques.
  • NLCP Coaches are both PN and NR officers and senior sailors who have been selected for their people skills, their career history, their passion for personal development and their belief in the potential of others.

Benefits to Participants

  • People have reported a range of benefits from participating in the program. The most commonly cited benefits are:
    • Independent sounding board for my challenges
    • A means of staying focused on my leadership development plan
    • A way of building time for reflection into my life


  • People volunteering to undertake the NLCP will get out of it what they put into it.
  • Identifying and working on goals takes time and commitment, however, overwhelmingly, it has been reported that the results achieved through the coaching have made the investment of time and effort very worthwhile.
  • To receive maximum benefit from the NLCP it is advantageous to keep appointments with the NLCP Coach as much as possible.

Relationship with Chain of Command/Divisional System

  • The NLCP is independent to participants’ chain of command. Discussions between participants and NLCP Coaches are strictly confidential. The NLCP does not replace the regular communication that should occur between participants and their Supervisor. As well, informal mentoring and coaching has always occurred in the RAN both in and out of the chain of command; this should continue, with a view to being incorporated into the action plan for achieving the participant’s goals.


  • All sessions are strictly confidential to allow for open and honest discussion.
  • Information communicated to Coaches during discussions with participants is not passed on unless it is in contravention of Defence instructions (eg security, safety, E & D) or relates to unlawful activity or intent, or in the opinion of the Coach, will lead to physical harm of the participant or another person. In this instance, the Coach is obligated to inform the relevant authorities.

Program Evaluation

  • The NLCP is independently evaluated annually by the Directorate of Strategic Personnel Planning and Research (DSPPR) to ensure objectives are being met. Evaluation is conducted via a confidential questionnaire completed online (10 minutes) by participants on completion of the agreed number of coaching sessions.

Coach Standards

  • All Coaches are trained to international standards.
  • Quality control of the coaches is achieved through ongoing professional supervision, in accordance with international best practice, and an internal confidential check-in process with the Program’s Principal Coach.
  • Coaches also participate in ongoing professional development activities with external agencies.

How to Participate in the Program

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