Captain Adam Muckalt

CAPT Adam Muckalt

Born in McLaren Vale and raised in Adelaide, South Australia, Captain Adam Muckalt joined the Royal Australian Navy in January 1993 and attended the Australian Defence Force Academy.

On graduation he proceeded to sea for Warfare Officer training in HMA Ships Mermaid, Moresby and Shepparton, and after, took up postings in Leeuwin, Melville, Penguin - where he undertook specialist Hydrographic training - the Australian Hydrographic Office, the Laser Airborne Depth Sounding unit, and Paluma and Ipswich where he served as the Executive Officer.

In 2005 Captain Muckalt undertook study in the UK on the Royal Navy Advanced Hydrographic Survey course where he graduated Dux. On completion, Captain Muckalt commenced an exchange posting on promotion to Lieutenant Commander with the British Royal Navy as the Operations Officer in HMS Echo.

After a posting to HQ Joint Operations Command, he was appointed to command of HMAS Shepparton in 2009, highlights of which included deployments to the Whitsundays, Arnhem Land, Torres Strait and Command of a Task Group involved in surveys of the Brisbane River after the devastating floods of January 2011.

After various staff postings in Canberra and Wollongong, Captain Muckalt was appointed to Command of Hydrographic Ship Blue Crew in 2015 and conducted surveys in the Inner Great Barrier Reef, Timor Sea and Bass Strait, with deployments stretching between the South China Sea and Port Adelaide. HS Blue was awarded The Duke of Gloucester’s Cup, Sarawak Shield and Endeavour Shield in 2017, recognising HS Blue as the most effective and efficient unit in the RAN, the first time this honour had been bestowed upon a Hydrographic Ship.

Captain Muckalt has seen operational service in Iraq, the North Arabian Gulf, Bahrain, Arabian Sea, Somali Basin and Solomon Islands, and was a distinguished graduate of the 2012 Singaporean Armed Forces Goh Keng Swee Command and Staff Course.

In June 2017, Captain Muckalt assumed responsibilities as Capability Manager and Commander at the Australian Hydrographic Meteorological and Oceanographic Group, responsible for all aspects of Navy’s Hydro-METOC operations and capabilities. During this time he oversaw the transformation of the group with significant capability and technology enhancement across the HM Defence Elements and implementation of a restructured governance arrangement, re-posturing the group and defence elements to best support forward-deployed maritime geospatial operations and contribution to Government-Directed Operations and Activities.

Promoted to Captain in November 2019 to take up a position within the Maritime Geospatial Branch of AGO, he is currently the Deputy Hydrographer and Director of Maritime Geospatial Intelligence at the Australian Hydrographic Office in Wollongong.

Professionally, he holds Australasian Certified Practicing Hydrographic Surveyor Level One certification, is an International Maritime Organisation/International Hydrographic Bureau-recognised Category A surveyor, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree (Oceanography) from UNSW and Master’s Degree (Hydrography) from the University of Plymouth (UK).