Commander Andrew Burnett

CMDR Andrew Burnett

Commander Andrew Burnett joined the RANR in 1979 as a Quarter Master Gunner. He was commissioned as a Supply Officer in the RANR in 1982 and transferred to the RAN in October 1986 in the rank of Sub Lieutenant. On transferring he was posted to HMAS Coonawarra where he was promoted to Lieutenant on 1 March 1987. Following additional supply training at HMAS Cerberus in early 1988, he was posted HMA Ships Tobruk and Platypus. In May 1990 he commenced the Legal Practitioners Admission Board course through the Supreme Court of New South Wales. Commander Burnett graduated from the Legal Practitioners Admission Board course in December 1995 and commenced work with the Navy Legal Service.

On promotion to Lieutenant Commander on 27 June 1997, Commander Burnett commenced duties as the Staff Officer and Aide-de-camp to the Judge Advocate General of the ADF. He was posted again in August 1998 to Adelaide as the Chief Legal Officer - Central Region.

In March 2001 Commander Burnett was posted temporarily to East Timor where he was employed by the United Nations as the legal advisor to the fledgling East Timor Defence Force. He returned in mid-June 2001 and continued his duties as the Chief Legal Officer - Central Region.

In early 2002 Commander Burnett transferred from the RAN to the RANR and remained in Adelaide, joining a local law firm in private practice. In the period March-July 2003 he undertook full time service in the RAN as the legal officer in HMAS Sydney in the Persian Gulf during the last week of major combat operations and then the occupation phase. He was promoted to Commander in May 2004.

In March 2006 Commander Burnett left private practice and recommenced Naval service working at the Air Warfare Destroyer Systems Centre in Adelaide. In May 2010 he posted to ADFA as the Command Legal Officer for the Australian Defence College and transferred from the RANR back to the RAN. He posted again to Border Protection Command in December 2010 as the Command Legal Officer.

Between February 2013 and December 2015 Commander Burnett was the Chief Legal Advisor to the Chief of Navy. In March 2016 Commander Burnett was deployed to Afghanistan as the NATO Chief of Operations and Humanitarian Law. He returned in October 2016 and took up the role of Commanding Officer Naval Headquarters - South Australia in December 2016.