Commander Bernadette Alexander

CMDR Bernadette Alexander

Commander Bernadette Alexander joined the RAN in January 1988, graduating from the Australian Defence Force Academy with a Bachelors degree in Science in 1990.

Commander Alexander is dual qualified as a Maritime Warfare Officer and Management Executive (Capability Development) officer. Her service history includes sea postings to HMA Ships Mermaid, Melbourne, Brunei, Success, Wollongong and Fremantle, with staff postings ashore in Darwin, Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra. She has been involved in the Guardian Class and Offshore Patrol Vessel projects.

Commander Alexander’s operational experience includes border protection operations in Northern Australia and a deployment to Bahrain as Military Assistant to the Commander Combined Task Force 150. Recently, Commander Alexander served as Navy Women’s Strategic Advisor to Chief of Navy.

Commander Alexander graduated from the RAN Staff Acquaint Course, Australian Command and Staff College, in 2012. She is a 2013 graduate of the Capability Technology and Management College, with a Masters of Capability Management (UNSW), for which she was awarded the UNSW academic course award. In 2014, she completed a Masters of Systems Engineering (UNSW).

In May 2019, Commander Alexander assumed command of HMAS Penguin.