Commander Gary List

CMDR Gary List

Born in Maryborough, Queensland on 4 April 1964 and raised in Brisbane, Gary List joined the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) in January 1982 as a Recruit Junior Sailor at the age of 17.

After qualifying as a Radar plotter (RP) he was posted to HMAS Perth (DDG 38) prior to posting ashore in 1986 on promotion to Leading Seaman, specialising in torpedo analysis.

In 1987, List was selected for Commission and commenced Officer training at HMAS Creswell Naval College in February 1988. He subsequently undertook training in HMA Ships Stalwart (AG), Derwent (DE), Canberra (FFG) and Darwin (FFG) where he was awarded his Bridge Watchkeeping qualification. He was then subsequently posted to HMA Ships Fremantle (FCPB), Adelaide (FFG) and Tobruk, where he saw active service in Somalia. List then spent time ashore during the period 1994-1996, conducting project management in the upgrading of HMAS Stirling Naval Base, in Western Australia.

In 1996, List was selected as Executive Officer (XO) of HMA Ships Geelong (FCPB) and Bunbury (FCPB), prior to being selected for Command of HMAS Tarakan (LCH) in mid-1999. During this period as Commanding Officer of Tarakan, List saw service in Bougainville and active service in East Timor, with Tarakan being awarded a Unit Citation. On completion, he was posted to Headquarters Australian Theatre (HQAST) as an Overseas Operations Desk Officer position in 2001. Due to emerging operational requirements, List was posted at short notice to HS Blue Crew (HMA Ships Leeuwin and Melville) as XO for Operation RELEX II duties, due to his extensive experience in Border Protection operations, being awarded a Fleet Commanders Commendation during the posting.

In 2003, he retired from the RAN and gained employment as a State Manager in the private sector, however shortly thereafter, felt the need to return to the Navy and sea going duties.

He re-joined the RAN in 2004, serving in Darwin, coordinating Patrol Boat Operations. In 2006, List was selected for a three year exchange posting with the United States Navy (USN), serving as the Operations Planning Officer and Amphibious Warfare Commander for a USN Expeditionary Strike Group, station in USS Tarawa, he saw active service in Iraq and Afghanistan while deployed. On return to Australia in 2009, he assumed Command of the Armidale Class Patrol Boat (ACPB) crew Attack Two (HMA Ships Armidale and Bathurst). Under his Command, the crew were awarded the Kelly Shield for being the most proficient crew for 2010. List then served as the Maritime Surveillance Adviser (MSA) in the Solomon Islands during the period 2011-2014. On his return to Australia, List was once again appointed in Command of an ACPB Crew, Attack One (HMAS Glenelg). On completion of his Command in December 2016, List assumed the position as the Fleet Gunnery and Seamanship Officer Minor War Vessels - Sea Training Group.

List was promoted to the rank of Commander on posting to OIC Patrol Boat Crew Support Squadron (PBCSS) in November 2019 until December 2020, where he was once again posted in Command of a Patrol Boat ADV Cape Fourcroy (Port Crew), where he is currently serving.