Commander Matthew Richardson

Commander Matthew Richardson, RAN grew up in Newcastle, NSW. After graduating from the Australian Defence Force Academy in 1992 he gained his initial sea experience in HMA Ships Swan, Hobart, Whyalla and Sydney.

Commander Richardson joined HMAS Ipswich as Navigator in 1996 then HMAS Hawkesbury as her Commissioning Navigator. This was followed in 2000 by a posting as Executive Officer of HMAS Bendigo. Commander Richardson then attended the Mine Warfare Officer’s Course, and after brief sea service in HMAS Diamantina, joined the RAN Sea Training Group as Minor War Vessel Staff Officer Gunnery then as Staff Officer Navigation (2).

In 2005 Commander Richardson posted as Executive Officer of HS White Crew serving in HMA Ships Leeuwin and Melville, before accepting a shore posting in Canberra at the Directorate of Naval Officers' Postings as a desk officer responsible for managing the career of maritime warfare officers. In 2008 he joined the Patrol Boat crew Ardent Six as Commanding Officer, sailing in HMA Ships Childers and Bundaberg.

Commander Richardson was selected to post to Samoa in 2010, where he enjoyed three years in the position of Maritime Surveillance Adviser, advising the Independent State of Samoa in fisheries and border protection.

He then returned to sea, serving in the landing craft HMAS Brunei as Decommissioning Commanding Officer, then the Patrol Boat crew Aware One followed by HMAS Armidale as Commanding Officer. Early 2016 he posted to the Establishment HMAS Cairns for two years as Executive Officer.

In December 2017 Commander Richardson commenced duties as Chief of Staff at the Patrol Boat Group HQ in Darwin before joining HMAS Launceston as Commanding Officer mid-2019.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of NSW and a Master of Business Administration from the University of New England.

Commander Richardson returned to Cairns to join Cape Class Patrol Boat ADV Cape Fourcroy Port Crew as Commanding Officer in December 2019.