Lieutenant Commander Antony Cooper

LCDR Antony Cooper

Lieutenant Commander Antony Cooper joined the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) in 1997, after lateral transfer from the Royal Navy (RN). He completed 20 years in the Royal Navy, gaining the rank of Chief Petty Officer (Seaman Specialist). His last position in the RN was at sea as the Chief Boatswain Mate of HMS Iron Duke.

On completion of his transfer he undertook category training at HMAS Cerberus before posting to HMAS Hobart in 1998 as a Leading Seaman Boatswains Mate. He quickly realised that he needed a change of focus, and in 1999 conducted a transfer of category to Naval Police Coxswain (NPC). He spent four years in the NPC branch, gaining promotion to Petty Officer in 2001. Upon his promotion he completed postings to HMA Ships Warrnambool (2001), Bendigo (2003), and Labuan (2004). He completed several patrols and conducted operations in support of Operation RELEX/RELEX II. During his time in Fremantle Class Patrol Boats (FCPB) he was recommended for and subsequently accepted a commission. He was commissioned as a Sub Lieutenant in January 2005.

He commenced his Officer Training in 2005 at HMAS Creswell, before going on to Junior Officer Application Course (JWAC) at HMAS Watson. On completion of his training he was posted to HS WHITE CREW for consolidation and continuation training. In 2007 he volunteered for, and was accepted as a candidate on the Executive Officers Designate Course. Upon successful completion of the course in 2007 he joined HMAS Wewak as the Executive Officer (XO). During his time as XO of HMAS Wewak he was awarded a ‘Fleet Commanders Commendation for excellence in leadership and dedication to duty. He took long service leave at the end of 2011 before returning to work in March 2012, where he completed a six month Op Relief posting as XO HMAS Tarakan. In 2011 he volunteered for an operational posting to the Middle East Area of Operations (MEAO) in support of Operation SLIPPER; he was again successful in his endeavours and departed Australia at the end of 2012.

After completing his posting to the MEAO he returned to Australia in May 2013 and joined HMAS Cairns where he applied for and was subsequently interviewed for the position of Military Support Officer (MSO). He was accepted for the position and due to commence work mid-2013.

He was notified of his successful command application and his subsequent promotion prior to taking up the position as MSO. In August 2013 he commenced Commanding Officers Designate Course (CODESIG) at HMAS Watson. Upon successful completion of the course in December 2013 he was appointed as Commanding Officer ARDENT FOUR Crew.

Lieutenant Commander Cooper completed 18 months as CO ARDENT FOUR before being chosen to complete the Cape Class Patrol Boat (CCPB) transition course. He, along with his crew, completed their training in November 2015 and he took command of ADV Cape Nelson, he completed a 12 month tour as CO Cape Nelson before being selected as Military Surveillance Adviser (MSA) to Samoa.

Lieutenant Commander Cooper and his wife spent two years living in Samoa before returning to Australia in June 2018. On his return Lieutenant Commander Cooper posted to the Patrol Boat Community Support Squadron (PBCSS) as OIC PBCSS-Cairns.

In June 2019 he assumed Command of the Cape Class Patrol Boat ADV Cape Fourcroy Starboard Crew.