Lieutenant Commander Fletcher Wall

LCDR Fletcher Wall

Lieutenant Commander Fletcher Wall joined the Navy in January 2003 and completed initial training as a Midshipman at the Royal Australian Naval College in Jarvis Bay. Midshipman Wall commenced SEAAC Phase 1 & 2 in July 2003 with postings to HMAS Kanimbla and HMAS Leeuwin. On completion he attended Military and an Undergraduate degree program at the Australian Defence Force Academy, culminating in December 2006.

Promoted to Sub Lieutenant in January 2007, Wall recommenced SEAAC (now JWAC) phase 3 where he was posted to ACPB Crew Assail Six and deployed to Operation RESOLUTE on board HMAS Maitland conducting interception and boarding operations on illegal fisherman. In 2007 Sub Lieutenant Wall was posted to HMAS Sirius where he was awarded a Bridge Warfare Certificate and primary qualification as a Junior Warfare Officer. Promoted to Lieutenant in January 2009, Wall remained on board Sirius until January 2010, consolidating his experience as the SSDOOW.

After completing his diving and demolitions prerequisites, Lieutenant Wall commenced specialist training in February 2010 as a Mine Warfare & Clearance Diving Officer. During the course, Lieutenant Wall was posted to HMAS Huon for 6 weeks in support of Operation QUEENSLAND FLOOD ASSIST, clearing the Brisbane River of debris for the resumption of Maritime Trade. On completion of training in September 2011, Lieutenant Wall posted to MHC Crew Three, embarked in HMAS Diamantina as the Diving Officer and immediately deployed to Operation RENDER SAFE, conducting explosive ordnance disposal on land and in waters surrounding Rabaul in Papua New Guinea removing explosive remnants of World War II.

Lieutenant Wall assumed duties as the Operations Officer of HMAS Diamantina in October 2012 and later as the Executive Officer in March 2013, conducting a Mission Readiness Work up before being reassigned to support Operation RESOLUTE.

In August 2013, Lieutenant Wall posted to AUSCDT Four as the OIC MCM but was quickly moved into the EOD detachment to conduct Mission Readiness Work up for deployment to Operation SLIPPER. Lieutenant Wall assumed duties as OIC TGEOD and deployed on HMAS Darwin to the MEAO in January 2014. During this time, he performed duties as the EOD Technician and lead search officer, locating and disposing of record hauls of illegal narcotics. On return to Australia, Lieutenant Wall assumed duties as the Executive Officer of AUSCDT Four until November 2015.

In December 2015, Lieutenant Wall posted to San Diego, USA to serve as the N73 at the Naval Surface & Mine Warfighting Development Centre, the USN’s global Mine Warfare Commander. Wall was tasked with leading and developing tactics, doctrine and training for Mine Warfare integration into Maritime Homeland Defence. Working with Commander Third Fleet, US Northern Command, Strategic Command and Alaska Command he planned and executed 11 major exercises that enabled US Forces to increase their Mine Warfare capability and interoperability with government agencies including US Coast Guard and FBI. Wall was promoted to Lieutenant Commander in January 2017 and awarded the Navy Commendation Medal for his contribution to the development of Mine Warfare in the United States.

Lieutenant Commander Wall returned to Australia in Dec 2018 and assumed duties as the Operations Officer at AUSCDT Four. Lieutenant Commander Wall assumed Command of Australian Clearance Diving Team Four in December 2019.