Lieutenant Commander James Knight

Lieutenant Commander James Knight joined the Royal Australian Navy in 2009 through the Undergraduate Entry scheme. As a junior Maritime Warfare Officer, he completed postings in HMA Ships Manoora, Wollongong and was awarded his Bridge Warfare Certificate in Parramatta in 2013 during her South East Asian deployment.  

Lieutenant Commander Knight conducted follow on postings to HMNZS Wellington undertaking career highlight Southern Ocean & Ross Sea patrols and HMAS Perth for her Middle East Region deployment. In between sea postings he worked at HMAS Watson in the Bridge Training Faculty.

Lieutenant Commander Knight attended PWO Course in 2017, specialising in Air Warfare and conducted follow on postings to HMAS Stuart and Melbourne. Following the decommissioning of Melbourne, Lieutenant Commander Knight assumed Officer in Charge Navy Synthetic Warfighting Centre for which he was awarded Navy Silver Commendation.

Lieutenant Commander Knight Holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Masters in Project Management.

Lieutenant Commander Knight assumed Command of ADV Cape Woolamai on 16 Dec 2022.