Warrant Officer David Turner

Warrant Officer of the Navy (2002 - 2005)

WON David Turner

Warrant Officer David Turner enlisted in the RAN as an Apprentice (Electrical Technical Communications) from Adelaide in 1981. After completing four years of trade training, he gained extensive communications experience through nearly continuous trade postings both at sea and ashore until 1997. In that time he served in HMA Ships Warrnambool, Ipswich and Swan and also served at HMAS Cerberus instructing both new entry and advanced electronics trade trainees.

Warrant Officer Turner commenced the second phase of his career, in Human Resource Management when he joined the Directorate of Sailors’ Career Management, after coming ashore as a Chief Petty Officer in 1997. Since then he has served as a Career Manager and later as the Officer in Charge of the Technical Career Management Section of the Directorate. He considers these to be two of the more challenging and rewarding jobs of his career. Before being selected for the position of Warrant Officer of the Navy, Warrant Officer Turner was back in the Directorate of Sailors’ Career Management working in the area of Navy Reserve Policy.

Warrant Officer Turner holds a Diploma of Engineering from his trade days and holds a Masters Degree in Management from the National Graduate School of Management at Australian National University. Most recently, he completed an MBA majoring in Human Resource Management and is still recovering.

Warrant Officer Turner was honoured with his appointment to the position of Warrant Officer of the Navy on 27 September 2002.