Feature Histories

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The RAN and the 1918-19 Influenza Pandemic Media reports surrounding the dangers of a new influenza pandemic often refer to the global outbreak of 'Spanish flu', which struck suddenly at the end of World War I. Dr David Stevens 1918
A Loss More Symbolic Than Material? In 1921 US President Harding called a conference between the USA, Britain, Japan, France and Italy to advocate mutual naval arms limitation. Faced with massive post-war debts all parties agreed on limitations. Lieutenant Commander Glenn Kerr, RAN 1924
The Decline of Australian Naval Deterrence 1919-1939 The Commonwealth Naval Forces inherited a motley collection of obsolescent coastal and harbour defence vessels when the State navies transferred to Commonwealth control on 1 March 1901. Lieutenant Commander Glenn Kerr, RAN 1919
The RAN Fleet Air Arm Mark I Petar Djokovic -