Recruit School Additional Important Information

Education and Trade Certificates

The Navy will consider recognising any educational qualifications and trade apprenticeships and indentures you have gained prior to entry. Recognition of your qualifications could benefit your promotion prospects; therefore you should bring all relevant original certificates with you. If you are in doubt as to whether or not you might qualify bring your certificates anyway.


Transfer of Category (TOC)

Recruits are reminded that as part of their enlistment process they have acknowledged that they have no right to a Transfer Of Category (TOC).

Recruits who believe that they have a compelling argument why they should be granted a TOC may submit a request through their chain of command to the Commanding Officer Recruit School. Such requests are to include evidence substantiating the reasons for the TOC (such as qualifications gained). Requests for TOC will be decided by the relevant organisation in Canberra.


Admissible Service of Commonwealth Employees Furlough Act

Periods of continuous employment or service with Commonwealth or State authorities and British Commonwealth Armed Forces may be counted for long service leave. Evidence of such employment should be brought with you so that applications to have previous service recognised may be made while you are in RS.