Recruit School Entitlements and Commitments


You will be issued with summer and winter Navy uniforms (kit) for working (everyday wear), ceremonial, and physical training. This kit will include a tracksuit, running shoes, boots, hats and caps. You will also be issued towels and bedding. You will be responsible for the cleanliness and presentation of all of these kit items and be required to replace them if they are damaged or lost.

You will be required to wash and dry your own uniforms in the facilities provided in your accommodation block. Some uniform items, such as ceremonial uniforms, will be dry-cleaned at your expense.



You will be entitled to three meals a day to be eaten in the Junior Sailors Mess at HMAS Cerberus. This is a cafeteria style dining area and meals are at set times and duration.


Leave and visitors

Taking leave and having visitors on board during Recruit training is a privilege and not a right. You will be entitled to have visitors during the weekend of Week 3, on submission of a written request, providing you are not required for duty, instruction or any other Service requirement. If you have family or friends that intend visiting you from interstate, it is advisable to ensure they have travel insurance. Your own training progress may require a change in graduation date. For that reason, where interstate travel is arranged, travel insurance is always strongly recommended.

If you are granted leave, your travel out of Cerberus will be limited to a distance of two hours drive time. Interstate travel will not be permitted during your Recruit Training. On leave, you will need a set of neat and clean civilians to wear. Cold weather can be expected from April to October. Recruits joining during this period are advised to bring warm clothing.


Under 18s

Recruits under 18 require written approval from a parent or guardian before they can take overnight leave. Letters of approval (a facsimile will not be accepted) must contain the name and address of a sponsor with whom the recruit will stay. A letter from the sponsor confirming acceptance of the arrangement is also required. The relevant documentation will be provided by your Divisional Staff after joining. Recruits under 18 years of age who do not have approval for overnight leave are required to return to RS at 2030 (8:30pm).

Compassionate or compelling circumstances sometimes require the presence of a Recruit at home in which case special leave and travel may be authorised. Such circumstances may include the death, or critical illness of a Recruit’s spouse, child or parent or an occasion where serious domestic hardship is occurring and the Recruit’s presence at home is essential. This is not a complete explanation and is only intended as a guide. All cases should be reported to the RS staff and, should the case warrant, compassionate leave may be granted to allow the Recruit to travel home.



In addition to the normal working week Recruits are required to keep duties. The duty routine (one in three) means that, regardless of weekends and public holidays, Recruits are required to work outside normal working hours one day in every three and every third weekend. Leave is not permitted when personnel are on duty.


Home comforts

You may bring a MP3 player/iPod or radio. Do not bring large items such as guitars and surfboards etc, as they will not fit in your locker and appropriate storage is not available.



Personal mobile phones are permitted to be used at limited times during training. Recruits are not to be in possession of mobile phones during the working week. Failure to comply with these restrictions may result in disciplinary action. Personal emergency calls can be made to Divisional Staff who will assist with any problems that arise at home.



You will need some money for incidental expenses before you receive your first pay, $200 is the recommended minimum amount to cover such items as:

  1. Dry cleaning of uniforms;
  2. Purchase of toiletries;
  3. Washing powder, boot polish and cloths;
  4. Other items that you may require or have forgotten; and
  5. Iron and/or ironing board.

If you do not pre-purchase the items outlined in the above, you will need to bring additional funds for the purchase of the additional necessary items.


Private motor vehicles

Recruits are not permitted to have a private motor vehicle or motorcycle onboard HMAS Cerberus until completion of Recruit School.



The first pay day for new entry Recruits falls within the first 21 days after joining HMAS Cerberus. In order for you to be paid it is imperative that you bring the details as listed on the What you will need page, failure to do so will delay the commencement of your pay.

Gross salary while a Recruit (current as at November 2017) - $1434.69 per fortnight ($37,302.00 per year). Please note that these figures do not include compulsory deductions for:

  • Income tax
  • Meals per fortnight; and
  • Superannuation - minimum of 5%.

Single Recruits are required to pay for meals but do not pay for accommodation and utilities. This payment will be automatically deducted from your pay.

Recruits who are married, have dependants, or are in an interdependent relationship (recognised by the Navy) may make application to be categorised as Members With Dependants Unaccompanied, and, if successful, will not be required to pay for meals.