Australian Maritime Doctrine (2010)

Australian Maritime Doctrine 2010
Australian Maritime Doctrine 2010

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Australian Maritime Doctrine is the Royal Australian Navy’s capstone work of doctrine. It is a guide to understanding the unique nature of the RAN’s contribution to Australia’s national security and how the Navy goes about its business. Australian Maritime Doctrine has been written to appeal to the widest possible audience, not only those within the RAN and the Australian Defence Force, but to all who have responsibilities for or are interested in Australia’s national security and its instruments.

Australian Maritime Doctrine brings together in an Australian context the key concepts and themes of sea power and explains them in a clear and straightforward fashion. This book lays out the ways in which the Navy operates as part of a joint and integrated ADF to accomplish the maritime security goals set by the Australian Government.


Introduction to Australian Maritime Doctrine

This 24-minute video has been produced to explain the fundamentals of Australian Maritime Doctrine. It has been developed to suit a wide audience both within the Australian Defence Force and the wider community.

The key aspects covered are the trinity of maritime operations - being diplomatic, constabulary and military operations (including combat at operations at sea and from the sea) as well as the strategic concepts of sea control, sea denial and maritime power projection.

Fundamental to these concepts is the importance of the sea lines of communication (or SLOCs) that are vital to Australia for the flow of trade to and from the nation.

Case studies are used to help explain these concepts, however, for a more in depth analysis the viewer should consult Australian Maritime Doctrine (2010) and Australian Maritime Operations (2017).