Australian Maritime Operations (2017)

Australian Maritime Operations 2017
Australian Maritime Operations 2017

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The purpose of Australian Maritime Operations (2017) is to support the capstone Australian Maritime Doctrine (2010). This edition replaces The Navy Contribution to Maritime Operations (2005).

The two documents are complementary with Australian Maritime Doctrine (AMD) describing the Navy’s strategic rationale and its philosophical underpinnings and Australian Maritime Operations (AMO) expanding on how the Navy, and its joint and multinational partners, organise, prepare for and approach maritime operations.

The first half of the book deals with the navy’s structure and governance arrangements, while the second half describes how the strategic concepts outlined in AMD will be used in joint, combined and multinational operations.

AMO has been developed to suit a wide audience. It will be useful for those with a professional interest in maritime affairs and also those who may not completely understand how navies can be employed across the broad spectrum of operations.