Papers in Australian Maritime Affairs: No Easy Answers: The Development of the Navies of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka 1945-96

Papers in Australian Maritime Affairs No. 2
Papers in Australian Maritime Affairs No. 2

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James Goldrick


This volume surveys the development of the navies of the Indian sub-continent (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) and Sri Lanka between 1945 and 1996. A number of constant themes emerged from their experience. The first was the similarity between the challenges and difficulties they faced compared with those of the RAN and the similarity between the responses that were made by each navy. The second was that all shared the constant dilemma of matching inadequate resources to demanding roles. A third repeated theme was the alienation that tended to develop between navies and the generally predominant national armies and between naval staffs and the remainder of the national strategic decision-makers. This was mainly because navies consistently failed in the past to clearly enunciate and explain naval doctrine to outsiders.

This volume was first published in India by Lancer Publishers, New Delhi.