Papers in Australian Maritime Affairs: The Russian Pacific Fleet: From the Crimean War to Perestroika

Papers in Australian Maritime Affairs No. 20
Papers in Australian Maritime Affairs No. 20

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Alexey D Muraviev


This volume is a critical analysis of the evolution of Russian naval power in the Pacific, linked to the East–West strategic naval rivalry, aids in understanding why traditional continental powers are developing a strong naval orientation. Traditional continental powers, such as Russia, have a renewed strategic interest in securing the seas and influencing global maritime operations. This is due to the perception that a powerful navy is particularly important today and will become an indispensable asset of the state’s military machine in the future. Another factor in the strategic rivalry is competition for control over sea-based natural resources and maritime communications to support economic growth and prosperity. Furthermore, continuous improvements in naval warfare, strategy and tactics through the introduction of new naval technologies - complemented by the geographic advantages the sea offers to its users and the diminishing importance of strategic depth - will see future conflicts becoming more maritime-based.