Papers in Australian Maritime Affairs: Australian Maritime Issues 2007: SPC-A Annual

Papers in Australian Maritime Affairs No. 21
Papers in Australian Maritime Affairs No. 21

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Andrew Forbes


Each volume of Australian Maritime Issues: SPC-A Annual is a compilation of the year's Semaphore newsletters, winning entries to the Peter Mitchell Essay Competition, Synnot lectures, and shorter papers on a variety of naval and maritime issues. The Synnot lectures honour the memory of Admiral Sir Anthony Synnot, who was Chief of Naval Staff (1976-79) and Chief of the Defence Force Staff (1979-82); and in 2007 were conducted by Dr Gary Weir who spoke on the US ocean surveillance sound system for tracking Soviet submarines, and ocean acoustics.

This volume also contains a number of papers from the Fulbright Symposium held by the University of Tasmania in 2006 on maritime security issues; and a number of papers on maritime counter-terrorism issues from a conference held by Mississippi State University in Starkville in 2006.