Papers in Australian Maritime Affairs: The Global Maritime Partnership Initiative

Papers in Australian Maritime Affairs No. 24
Papers in Australian Maritime Affairs No. 24

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Chris Rahman


This volume was commissioned from the Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security at the University of Wollongong, to examine the implications for the RAN of the 2005 announcement by the US Navy of a ‘1000-ship Navy’.

In August 2005 the Chief of Naval Operations of the US Navy, Admiral Mike Mullen, introduced a new concept for international naval and maritime cooperation, the ‘1000-ship Navy’. In November 2006, the Chief of the Australian Navy confirmed that the RAN supported the concept. This volume examines, in the Australian, regional and global contexts, the implications of the concept on maritime security and naval cooperation. In doing so, it examines what the concept is, how it fits within the US Navy’s policy and strategy framework; how this might work in practice; the implications for international naval cooperation; and the implications for Australia and the RAN.