Papers in Australian Maritime Affairs: Australian Maritime Issues 2008: SPC-A Annual

Papers in Australian Maritime Affairs No. 27
Papers in Australian Maritime Affairs No. 27

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Gregory P Gilbert and Nicholas Stewart


Each volume of Australian Maritime Issues: SPC-A Annual is a compilation of the year’s Semaphore newsletters, winning entries to the Peter Mitchell Essay Competition, Synnot lectures, and shorter papers on a variety of naval and maritime issues. The Synnot lectures honour the memory of Admiral Sir Anthony Synnot, who was Chief of Naval Staff (1976-79) and Chief of the Defence Force Staff (1979-82), and in 2008 were conducted by Professor Jim Reckner who spoke about the ‘Great White Fleet’.

Subject matter varies widely, from recognition and review of historical events to considerations of our national maritime identity, analysis of future operating environments and force structure requirements. This volume also features a copy of the original 1959 Defence Joint Planning Committee report on the proposed introduction of a submarine force. It also includes the Prime Minister’s speech to the RSL National Congress in September 2008 and his press interview on the following day, both emphasising the need for a strong Australian Defence Force and the importance of sea communications and sea power to Australia’s defence.