Soundings Papers: Some Capability and Operating Implications Arising from Australia’s Antarctic and Southern Ocean Interests

Soundings No. 10
Soundings No. 10

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Paddy Hodgman

This paper considers the capability implications for the Department of Defence and the Australian Defence Force (ADF) of:

  • current and changing policy and issues in relation to the Antarctic and Southern Ocean
  • the impact of related planning, environmental and other change.

This includes developing an understanding of the implications for Defence capability if a government, now or in the future, expects it to do more in the Southern Ocean or Antarctica.

In addressing the scope of the environment scan, this paper outlines:

  • current situation: activities, interests and capabilities relevant to Defence
  • change factors: implications of key shapers, variables and drivers of demand and change
  • principles: conclusions for Defence, derived from current circumstances and change factors
  • capability and operating: practical implications for Defence.