SPC-A Commercial Publications

The Sea Power Centre - Australia has published a large number of conference, workshop and seminar proceedings in conjunction with other institutions, as well as a variety of commercial publications. These are detailed below.

Alert: These pdf documents have been created from scanned images and accordingly are large in file size. They may take time to download.

Title Author Year
Visiting Navy Fellows: Policy Papers on Maritime Strategy and Defence Issues, Edition One Various Authors 2021
SPC-A 2021 Annual Various Authors 2021
Grey Shutterbugs Volume One Lieutenant William Singer 2021
Capable Beyond Our Dreams: Australia’s Bathurst Class Corvettes 1940-1960 John Henshaw 2021
The ABC of Royal Australian Navy Corvettes Able Seaman Libby Pearce 2019
Kit Muster: Uniforms, badges & categories of the Australian Navy 1865-1953 John Perryman 2012
Australia’s Navy in Vietnam: Royal Australian Navy Operations 1965-72 John Perryman and Brett Mitchell 2007
The Royal Australian Navy: A History David Stevens 2006
Australia’s Navy in the Gulf: From Countenance to Catalyst, 1941-2006 Greg Nash and David Stevens 2006
The Royal Australian Navy in World War II (2nd edition) David Stevens 2005
The Royal Australian Navy: The Australian Centenary History of Defence, Vol III David Stevens 2001
Oceans Governance and Maritime Strategy David Wilson and Dick Sherwood 1999
Sea Power in the New Century: Maritime Operations in the Asia-Pacific beyond 2000 Jack McCaffrie and Alan Hinge 1998
Maritime Power in the 20th Century: The Australian Experience David Stevens 1998
In Search of a Maritime Strategy: The maritime element in Australian defence planning since 1901 David Stevens 1997
U-Boat far from home David Stevens 1997
The Royal Australian Navy in World War II David Stevens 1996
Royal Australian Navy: Ships, Aircraft and Shore Establishments JH Straczek 1996
Maritime Strategy into the Twenty-First Century: Issues for Regional Navies Jack McCaffrie 1996
The Navy and Regional Engagement Jack McCaffrie and Dick Sherwood 1996
Australia’s Maritime Bridge into Asia Sam Bateman and Dick Sherwood 1995
Managing and Protecting the Offshore Estate Jack McCaffrie 1995
Operational and Technological Developments in Maritime Warfare: Implications for the Western Pacific Dick Sherwood 1994
The Navy and National Security: The Peacetime Dimension Dick Sherwood 1994
Strategic Change and Naval Roles: Issues for a Medium Naval Power Sam Bateman and Dick Sherwood 1993
Maritime Change: Issues for Asia Ross Babbage and Sam Bateman 1993
Principles of Australian Maritime Operations WSG Bateman and RJ Sherwood 1992
An Australian Perspective on Maritime CSBMs in the Asia-Pacific Region Desmond Ball and Sam Bateman 1991