SPC-A Commercial Publications: Visiting Navy Fellows: Policy Papers on Maritime Strategy and Defence Issues, Edition One

Visiting Navy Fellows: Edition One (low resolution file, suitable for viewing online or laser copy printing)
Visiting Navy Fellows: Edition One (low resolution file, suitable for viewing online or laser copy printing)

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Various Authors

The papers published in this volume are authored by naval officers who have enjoyed visiting research fellowships at the Sea Power Centre - Australia.

The insight and accomplishment of the officers who have researched in a foreign country, and written in a language not their own is applauded warmly. And it is welcomed.

Each of the officers who has served as a Visiting Research Fellow demonstrates comradeship among regional partners, and between serving officers. Our navies and our nations stand together, committed to good order at sea and to justice.

Serving good order we enable nations to pursue their maritime interests in peace, to develop marine resources in an ecologically sustainable and peaceful manner, in accord with the law. We serve to forestall threats, and we serve to defend against illegal activity which endangers the safety and security of shipping.

In short, we recognise that prosperity for our nations comes from secure sea trade, and from the peaceful access to marine resources. Sea trade is made secure, and maritime resources are protected, since our navies defend the international law.

The work published in this volume is more than research. It is the fruits of friendship and partnership, a testimonial to the commitment shared between nations to defend right, and to secure peace.

I warmly applaud the officers who have written for us. I applaud their work. I thank them for their friendship, and for their service.

I commend this volume to you.

CAPT Sean Andrews
Director Sea Power Centre - Australia


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