Tac Talks

Tac Talks are papers about global maritime strategic concepts and strategies authored by professionals of the Royal Australian Navy.

No. Title Author Year Download
12 Carpe Diem: A Professional Endeavour LEUT Harrison Ingham 2021 PDF (1.01 MB)
11 Fight, Move, Float - It is Time to Simplify Command CAPT David Landon 2021 PDF (619.18 KB)
10 GNSS ‘in Troubled Waters’ Professor Chris Rizos 2021 PDF (1.37 MB)
9 Advance Force Mine Counter Measure Operations Warrant Officer Clearance Diver Christopher Wright 2021 PDF (636.11 KB)
8 The What, How And Why Of Emotionally Intelligent Reflection LEUT Robert Wallace 2021 PDF (1.22 MB)
7 Warriors, Thinkers and Teacher: Warfare Tactics Instructor LEUT Cleo Scarce and LEUT Colin Verheul 2021 PDF (535.19 KB)
6 Quantum Radars and the Implications for Future Warfare POEW Dominic Roleff 2021 PDF (514.35 KB)
5 The Reinstatement of Australia’s Amphibious Capability LCDR Albert Moule 2021 PDF (558.7 KB)
4 Force From The Sea: An Update On Australia’s Amphibious Capability Colonel Kim Gilfillan CSC 2021 PDF (1.02 MB)
3 The Weaponised Information Threat To Cognitive Security LEUT Richard Morris 2021 PDF (816.1 KB)
2 Countering Robotics And Autonomous Systems Through Maritime Area Denial LCDR Nathaniel Streher 2021 PDF (666.47 KB)
1 Protecting Australia’s Maritime Trade: The need to plan now to bring the future into the present CAPT Michael Beard 2021 PDF (1.05 MB)