VIETNAM 1969-71

HMAS Brisbane (II) was awarded the battle honour VIETNAM 1969-71 for two deployments to Vietnam, providing providing naval gunfire support. Brisbane had steamed nearly 70,000nm and fired over 15,000 rounds of 5-inch ammunition while on the 'gunline'. The ship earned high praise from the Commander of the US Navy’s 7th Fleet who said that that the ship’s crew had attained ‘a most enviable reputation for extreme dedication and true professionalism, which was in keeping with the fine tradition established by a long series of predecessors’. Her performance during the year was recognised with the awarding of the Duke of Gloucester’s Cup for 1971.

Vietnam Deployment March - October 1969.
Vietnam Deployment March - October 1969.

Australia's Naval Commitment in the Vietnam Operational Area

All HMA ships, Fleet Air Arm squadrons and operational units allotted for duty in this area during Australia's naval commitment to the Vietnam War are:

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Clearance Diving Teams (CDT)

Note: CDT Three award to be carried by CDTs One and Two whose members comprised this unit, in keeping with current practice.