VIETNAM 1967-70

HMAS Hobart (II) was awarded the battle honour VIETNAM 1967-70 for her three deployments to Vietnam, During these deployments, Hobart served as part of the US Seventh Fleet, participating in Operation SEA DRAGON and serving on the gunline providing naval gunfire support and harassment and interdiction fire. She also provided support to US Marine and airborne divisions, the Army of the Republic of Vietnam as well as undertaking plane guard and escort duties with US aircraft carrier striking groups.

HMAS Hobart (II) firing on the gunline.
HMAS Hobart (II) firing on the gunline.

Australia's Naval Commitment in the Vietnam Operational Area

All HMA ships, Fleet Air Arm squadrons and operational units allotted for duty in this area during Australia's naval commitment to the Vietnam War are:

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Fleet Air Arm Squadrons

Clearance Diving Teams (CDT)

Note: CDT Three award to be carried by CDTs One and Two whose members comprised this unit, in keeping with current practice.