Royal Australian Navy Personnel Biographies

This is a list of biographies available on this website for Royal Australian Navy personnel, past and present, who meet one of the following criteria:

  • Personnel who have attained an Admiral rank
  • Current serving personnel in the Royal Australian Navy or Department of Defence Senior Leadership Group
  • Current serving personnel who are Commanding Officers for either a commissioned ship or naval establishment
  • Personnel who have significantly contributed to the history of the Royal Australian Navy


Ranksort ascending Surname First Name
Chief Officer McClemans Sheila Mary
Chief Officer Bowden Blair Thisbe
Reverend Shearston John Samuel
Dr Wheatley Frederick William
Lieutenant General Tench Watkin
Third Officer Boye Ruby
Third Officer Provan Frances Betty
Leading Stoker McCrory Norbert Joseph
Professor Macintosh Neil William George
Matron Laidlaw Annie
Leading Air Crewman Shipp Noel Ervin
Chaplain Alcorn Cyril David
Stoker 2nd Class Pethebridge Charles Alexander
Mr Hyslop Robert
Mr Abercrombie Ralph
Mr Lampungmeiua Charlie One
Mr Macandie George Lionel
Mr Massey Claude
Mr McGuire Dominic Paul
Mr McLarty David Lyon
Mr Bastock John
Mr Hawkins Alfred Arthur
Mr Nankervis Alfred Roy
Mr Ingleton Geoffrey Chapman
Mr Hawkins Thomas Joseph
Ordinary Seaman Sheean VC Edward ‘Teddy’
Ordinary Seaman Butterworth Raymond John
Able Seaman White Bill
Able Seaman Brown Justin James
Able Seaman Clark Thomas Welsby
Able Seaman Berryman Mostyn ‘Moss’
Leading Seaman Kember Phillip Charles
Leading Seaman Rudd Dalmorton Joseph Owendale
Leading Seaman Emms Francis Bassett ‘Dick’
Leading Seaman Taylor Ronald ‘Buck’
Leading Seaman Tapim Pamela
Petty Officer Johnson Alfred ‘Gordon’
Petty Officer Humphries John Thomas
Petty Officer Swinden Arthur Leslie
Chief Petty Officer Lewis Richard ‘Joe’
Chief Petty Officer Wrench Alfred James
Chief Petty Officer Choules Claude Stanley
Chief Petty Officer Sampson Louis Nicholas
Chief Petty Officer Bland Robert Havelock
Chief Petty Officer Boyd Erle Alwin Greglach
Chief Petty Officer Rogers Jonathan
Chief Petty Officer Hunt Raymond Henry
Chief Petty Officer Cooper Arthur William Frederick
Warrant Officer Tandy Mark
Warrant Officer Levay James