Royal Australian Navy Personnel Biographies

This is a list of biographies available on this website for Royal Australian Navy personnel, past and present, who meet one of the following criteria:

  • Personnel who have attained an Admiral rank
  • Current serving personnel in the Royal Australian Navy or Department of Defence Senior Leadership Group
  • Current serving personnel who are Commanding Officers for either a commissioned ship or naval establishment
  • Personnel who have significantly contributed to the history of the Royal Australian Navy


Rank Surnamesort ascending First Name
Chief Petty Officer Wrench Alfred James
Rear Admiral Woolrych Geoffrey John Humphry
Commander Woodall Kate
Rear Admiral Wolski Brett Stephen
Rear Admiral Wishart John Webster
Warrant Officer Wilson David
Rear Admiral Willis Alan Antony
Vice Admiral Willis Guido James
Warrant Officer Wight Gary
Warrant Officer Whittaker Paul
Able Seaman White Bill
Dr Wheatley Frederick William
Rear Admiral West Barrie Lawson
Rear Admiral Wells David Charles
Lieutenant Commander Webb Jonathan
Vice Admiral Wardle Thomas Erskine
Vice Admiral Walls Robert Andrew Kevin
Captain Waller Hector ‘Hec’ MacDonald Laws
Rear Admiral Walker Robyn Margaret
Commander Walker Geoffrey
Commander Walker Jefferson Hirst
Rear Admiral Vonthethoff Kaye
Commander Vines Patricia
Lieutenant Commander Vickers Patrick John
Commander Veale William
Commander Van Tienhoven Troy
Rear Admiral van Balen Michael Julian
Rear Admiral Uzzell Michael
Rear Admiral Urquhart Kenneth McKenzie
Commander Upton Ross
Warrant Officer Turner David
Vice Admiral Tryon Sir George
Vice Admiral Tripovich Matthew John
Rear Admiral Treloar Brian Tremayne
Captain Treacy Alfred Martin
Rear Admiral Tickell Frederick
Captain Thring Walter Hugh Charles Samuel
Lieutenant Commander Thompson James
Lieutenant Commander Thomas Andrew
Rear Admiral Thomas Clinton William
Rear Admiral Thomas Davyd Rhys
Lieutenant Commander Thomas Mitchell
Lieutenant General Tench Watkin
Leading Seaman Taylor Ronald ‘Buck’
Vice Admiral Taylor Rodney Graham
Leading Seaman Tapim Pamela
Warrant Officer Tandy Mark
Commander Tandy Mark
Admiral Synnot Sir Anthony Monckton
Lieutenant Syme Hugh Randall