Royal Australian Navy Personnel Biographies

This is a list of biographies available on this website for Royal Australian Navy personnel, past and present, who meet one of the following criteria:

  • Personnel who have attained an Admiral rank
  • Current serving personnel in the Royal Australian Navy or Department of Defence Senior Leadership Group
  • Current serving personnel who are Commanding Officers for either a commissioned ship or naval establishment
  • Personnel who have significantly contributed to the history of the Royal Australian Navy


Rank Surnamesort ascending First Name
Lieutenant Commander Newman Elizabeth
Captain Newey Robert Peter
Captain Nave Eric
Mr Nankervis Alfred Roy
Commander Nagle Anthony (Tony)
Rear Admiral Mussared Brynmor Wheatley
Rear Admiral Murray Ian Gordon
Rear Admiral Murray Sir Brian Stewart
Lieutenant Commander Mulraney Beau
Commander Moyes Morton Henry
Lieutenant Commander Mould John Stuart
Captain Morthorpe Ainsley
Rear Admiral Morrison Thomas Kenneth
Admiral Moresby John
Commander Moran William Thomas Alldis
Rear Admiral Moore George Dunbar
Commander Mohapp Cassandra
Rear Admiral Moffitt Rowan Carlisle
Commander Miller Michael
Rear Admiral Mesley Jack Statton
Vice Admiral Mead Jonathan Dallas
Commander McPherson David
Vice Admiral McNicoll Sir Alan Wedel Ramsay
Rear Admiral McNeil Percival Edwin
Lieutenant Commander McMahon Liam
Mr McLarty David Lyon
Commander McKee Jorge
Mr McGuire Dominic Paul
Commander McGuffog James Steel Doran
Rear Admiral McFarlane Alan Gibb
Commander McDonald-Kerr Emma
Rear Admiral McDonald Neil Ewer
Leading Stoker McCrory Norbert Joseph
Warrant Officer McConnell James Michael
Chief Officer McClemans Sheila Mary
Sub Lieutenant McCarthy Bernard Dennis
Commander McBain Jason
Vice Admiral Mayer Stuart Campbell
Commodore Matthew John Alexander
Mr Massey Claude
Lieutenant Commander Mason Paul Edward Allen
Lieutenant Commander Martinussen David
Rear Admiral Martin Sir David James
Rear Admiral Marshall Peter James
Midshipman Marien Kerry Francis
Rear Admiral Malcolm Wendy Anne
Warrant Officer Maiden Lennie
Commander Madarac Mile
Professor Macintosh Neil William George
Vice Admiral MacDougall Ian Donald George