Royal Australian Navy Personnel Biographies

This is a list of biographies available on this website for Royal Australian Navy personnel, past and present, who meet one of the following criteria:

  • Personnel who have attained an Admiral rank
  • Current serving personnel in the Royal Australian Navy or Department of Defence Senior Leadership Group
  • Current serving personnel who are Commanding Officers for either a commissioned ship or naval establishment
  • Personnel who have significantly contributed to the history of the Royal Australian Navy


Rank Surnamesort descending First Name
Rear Admiral Castles Bryan James
Rear Admiral Cayley Henry Priaulx
Vice Admiral Chalmers Donald Bruce
Commander Chesterman Henry
Chief Petty Officer Choules Claude Stanley
Captain Clare Chapman James
Able Seaman Clark Thomas Welsby
Rear Admiral Clark Charles Carr
Rear Admiral Clarke Peter Alistair Craigie
Vice Admiral Clarkson Sir William
Captain Clelland Dugald
Rear Admiral Coates Nigel
Commander Coleman Grant
Vice Admiral Collins Sir John Augustine
Captain Collins Sir Robert Henry Muirhead
Admiral Colvin Sir Ragnar Musgrave
Chief Petty Officer Cooper Arthur William Frederick
Captain Cooper Alastair
Rear Admiral Coplans Robert Michael
Rear Admiral Cotsell John Arthur Basil
Captain Cousin Allan Paterson
Rear Admiral Crabb Gordon John Branstone
Admiral Crace Sir John Gregory
Vice Admiral Crane Russell Harry
Rear Admiral Crawford Ian McLean
Lieutenant Commander Creer Reginald Charles
Lieutenant Commander Creer Herbert Victor
Vice Admiral Creswell Sir William Rooke
Rear Admiral Crossley William James
Admiral Crutchley Victor Alexander Charles
Rear Admiral Cullen Simon Terence
Rear Admiral Cumberlege Claude Lionel
Rear Admiral Custance Wilfred Neville
Commodore Da Costa John Raymond
Commander Dale Samuel
Lieutenant Commander Dalgliesh Jeffrey
Rear Admiral Dalglish Robin Campsie
Commander Dalton Benjamin
Rear Admiral Dalton Anthony Carl
Commander Dalton Lionel Sydney
Captain Darby (Surgeon) Leonard
Captain Darling Stanley
Rear Admiral Davidson John
Midshipman Davies Robert Ian
Lieutenant Commander Dawson Jason
Rear Admiral de Laat Frans Karel
de Vogel Ms Miesje
Captain Dechaineux Emile Frank Verlaine
Commander Dobson Bernard
Rear Admiral Doolan Kenneth Allan