Royal Australian Navy Personnel Biographies

This is a list of biographies available on this website for Royal Australian Navy personnel, past and present, who meet one of the following criteria:

  • Personnel who have attained an Admiral rank
  • Current serving personnel in the Royal Australian Navy or Department of Defence Senior Leadership Group
  • Current serving personnel who are Commanding Officers for either a commissioned ship or naval establishment
  • Personnel who have significantly contributed to the history of the Royal Australian Navy


Rank Surnamesort descending First Name
Commander Graham Jennifer
Rear Admiral Graham William David Hamilton
Commander Gray Robert
Lieutenant Commander Gregory Mackenzie ‘Mac’
Lieutenant Commander Griffiths Emma
Rear Admiral Griffiths Guy Richmond
Vice Admiral Griggs Ray
Rear Admiral Grunsell Adam
Commander Guy Basil John Douglas
Admiral Halsey Lionel
Captain Hamer David John
Lieutenant Commander Hamilton John Michael
Vice Admiral Hammond Mark
Rear Admiral Hammond Nicholas David Hunter
Rear Admiral Hancock Ronald Maxwell
Rear Admiral Harries David Hugh
Rear Admiral Harrington Charles Simon Hastings
Vice Admiral Harrington Sir Wilfred Hastings
Commander Harrington Barton
Rear Admiral Hatcher Jaimie
Mr Hawkins Thomas Joseph
Mr Hawkins Alfred Arthur
Rear Admiral Haworth-Booth Francis Fitzgerald
Lieutenant Commander Healy Kimberley
Lieutenant Commander Hicks Adrian
Rear Admiral Hill Mark
Sub Lieutenant Hixson Francis
Commander Hogan Percival James Nelson
Commander Hohnen Peter
Rear Admiral Holbrook Leonard Stanley
Rear Admiral Holthouse David Guy
Warrant Officer Holzberger Martin
Rear Admiral Horton Anthony Rockley
Commander Hough Andrew
Captain Howden Harry Leslie
Midshipman Huddart Cymbeline Alonso Edric
Admiral Hudson Michael Wyndham
Captain Hudson Clive Martin
Lieutenant Commander Hudspeth Kenneth Robert
Rear Admiral Hughes Owen John
Rear Admiral Hughes Stephen
Commander Hume James
Petty Officer Humphries John Thomas
Chief Petty Officer Hunt Raymond Henry
Rear Admiral Hunt Anthony Lancaster
Commander Hunter Glyn
Admiral Hyde Sir George Francis
Mr Hyslop Robert
Mr Ingleton Geoffrey Chapman
Commander Jenkins Cindy