Our Values and Our Behaviours


Our Values

The Navy’s ‘Our Values’ define what is important to Navy as a whole and to its people individually.

Our Values guide our behaviour, they bind us together, are a source of strength, and a source of moral courage to take action.

Our values are:

Our Values: Service



The selflessness of character to place the security and
interests of our nation and its people ahead of my own.




Our Values: Courage



The strength of character to say and do the right thing,
always, especially in the face of adversity.




Our Values: Respect



The humanity of character to value others
and treat them with dignity.





Our Values: Integrity



The consistency of character to align my thoughts,
words and actions to do what is right.





Our Values: Excellence



The willingness of character to strive each day to be
the best I can be, both professionally and personally.



Our Behaviours


Our Behaviours were designed and developed to enable our personnel to incorporate Our Values into their everyday lives.

To live Our Values, individuals will display Our Behaviours at all times to the best of their ability – It's up to all of us to hold each other to account on our behaviours.

Our Values and Our Behaviours should be used to inform each and every decision we make - if it doesn't fit Our Behaviours - don't do it, or change course so that it does.


  • Collaborate and be team focused
  • Be inclusive and value others


  • Be adaptable, innovative and agile
  • Reflect, learn and improve


  • Act with purpose for Defence and the nation
  • Be accountable and trustworthy