PSS Home Portal

Navy personnel now have access to PMKeyS Self Service (PSS) through their internet at home.

Defence People Group and the Chief Information Officer Group partnered to deliver the PSS Home Portal, an initiative that provides Defence members and employees with secure internet access to PMKeyS Self Service without the need to log into the DRN either directly or via the Defence Remote Electronic Access Mobility Service.

The PSS Home Portal is a Defence One capability that provides another avenue of access to PMKeyS Self Service through personal desktop computers, laptops, most personal tablets and mobile devices all from home or the mess and is available beyond the standard working day up to 10pm on most nights and during the weekend.

Access to the PSS Home Portal depends on having your mobile phone number and personal email address recorded in PMKeyS.

Further information regarding availability and using the PSS Home Portal is available on the PMKeyS intranet site.